Glostrext Instrumentation Method: A novel technology empowering You to make decisions based on Facts

.: Glostrext™ Pile Test Technology :.


To establish and verify the pile settlement, structural shortening/elongation, bearing capacity, distribution of load and displacement along the entire length of driven prestressed concrete spun piles, steel pipe piles, bored cast-in-place piles, barrettes, piers and shafts under axial compression, tension and lateral loading of static load testing on foundations.


Global Strain Extensometer (GLOSTREXT) Pile Test Technology comprises a specialized deformation monitoring system that uses advanced pneumatically- or hydraulically- anchored extensometers and a novel analytical technique to monitor loads and displacements along the entire length of driven and cast-in-place foundation piles.


  1. The technology enables installation of instrumentation after pile-driving and thus virtually eliminates the risk of instrument damage during pile production and installation.

  2. The post-install nature of the method empowers engineers to select instrumentation levels along the as-built depth of foundation piles using pile driving/installation records and site investigation data as guides.

  3. The technology reliably measures segmental shortening/elongation and strains over an entire section of the test pile during each loading step of a typical static load test and unlike conventional strain gauges that make just localized strain measurements, integrates individual measurements over a larger and more representative sample.