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Glostrext Technology Sdn Bhd is a 20+ employee company led by Lee Sieng Kai, located in Serdang Lama, Selangor, Malaysia.

Over the years, from foundation piles instrumentation for Petronas Twin Towers (Spectest ’93) to Jimah Power Plant (Glostrext ’05), the Company has emerged as the leading pile load test station in planning, supervision and conducting field instrumentation, data-logging, automatic pile test monitoring and reporting works for static axial compression, axial tension and lateral load tests for deep foundation industry in Malaysia, and steadily grows to provide professional advice and services in South-East Asia countries.


Over the past few decades, there is an obvious lack of innovation in the area of instrumentation and monitoring for the classical static load tests, while other indirect or alternative pile test methods such as dynamic load tests, Statnamic load tests and bi-directional cell load testing had undergone significant improvements in recent years.

Through revolutionary innovation and persistence, the Company has successfully tested and introduced the Global Strain Extensometer (GLOSTREXT) pile test technology, providing an innovative and improved alternative for conventional pile instrumentation methods commonly practiced for the past few decades. The Company has since emerged as the leading innovator and provider of GLOSTREXT technology in this region, designed for the needs of instrumentation and data interpretation of static load testing for driven pre-stressed concrete spun piles, steel pipe piles, bored cast-in-place piles, barrettes, piers, shafts, soil nails and other geotechnical and structural applications.